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Less Good News for Democrats in the House

Early indications that Democrats seem to be holding their own in a lot of close races should not be misunderstood as in indication that the Donkey Party is having a good night; far from it. It just doesn't look like the vast tsunami a lot of Republicansand for that matter, the final Gallup Pollhave been pointing towards. And there is definitely bad news for Democrats. Mario Rubio won easily in Florida, and although Rick Scott and Alex Sink are in a dead heat in the governor's race there, the House races are looking bad for Democrats so far. In Virginia, Tom Perriello and, more alarmingly, Rick Boucher, have lost, and Glenn Nye is in trouble. John Spratt is well behind in South Carolina. These are all races a lot of Democrats thought they could win. We'll just have to wait and see how things develop in other states.