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Close Races? We Got 'Em.

It's beginning to become clear that the exact shape of this election (beyond the near-certainty of a Republican House and a Democratic Senate) isn't going to be definitively known until pretty late tonight. House races from such target-rich (for Republicans) states as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York are coming in very slowly. Two "early" races in Kentucky are so close that a call may not be made until virtually all votes are in. The Florida governor's race is very close, and although exits suggest Pat Toomey may have an advantage in Pennsylvania, that race, too, is very close.

And now exit polls have been released for Wisconsin and Colorado, indicating that Russ Feingold hasn't given up the ghost yet; he and Ron Johnson look to be running very close as well. And that's also true of the Colorado Senate race, with exits giving Michael Bennet maybe a slight edge.

It does not, however, look like Coloradans will have to come to grips with life under a Governor Tom Tancredo.