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Mike Huckabee, Taxes, and 'Jackass 3-D'

A few minutes ago on Fox News, potential Republican presidential candidate and political analog to Jared from Subway Mike Huckabee chipped in his two cents.

"If he really wants to bring some level of leadership back and get control of his own agenda again," Huckabee said of President Obama, "he's gonna have to show some level of humility, he'll have to approach this with a sense of, 'The people spoke, I listened.'" Asked what issues Democrats and Republicans could potentially cooperate on, he said an extension of the Bush tax cuts.

So, to review: Assuming divided control of the House and Senate, the Democratic president should agree, in order to "get control of his own agenda," to extend one of the signature 21st-century legislative victories of the opposition party--an issue on which there are fundamental philosophical differences between most Democrats and most Republicans.

Wouldn't it suck to be married to Mike Huckabee? "Okay, honey. I know I wanted to see Jackass 3-D and you wanted to see The Social Network, but I'm confident we can work through our differences. I'm all about comity and compromise, so why don't we see Jackass 3-D? For the sake of our marriage, you should agree to my offer."