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Victor Davis Hanson Is... Making Sense?

Victors Davis Hanson's post-election take is as nutty as you'd expect, but this part was refreshing:

Some things also have to change on the conservative side. Congress must not remain hostage to farm-state representatives and senators, for whom the huge agricultural subsidy programs are sacrosanct; a decade ago, we went from “eliminating” those programs via the “Freedom to Farm” Act to calling farm pork a post-9/11 matter of national security. On the budget front, I doubt we will hear much talk, at least in the short term, of massive tax cuts that eventually will result in greater supply-side growth and thus greater revenue. Instead, I assume that any Republican tax-cut attempt will have to be matched in the here and now by a commensurate cut in spending, dollar for dollar — or rather, given the deficits, one dollar in tax cuts, two dollars in spending cuts. I also don’t think we will see representatives bragging of the new pork-barrel community centers they brought home, with their own names plastered on them — at least for a while.

Now, there is zero chance that Republicans decide to either attack farm subsidies or offset tax cuts with spending cuts. There's close to zero chance that they'll receive much blowback from conservatives for failing to do so. But it is nice to see a conservative identifying these as the proper areas for conservative fiscal reform.