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Republicans Boldly Slay Imaginary Program

Hilarious catch in the New York Times by Jackie Calmes:

Note to the incoming Republican majority in the House: Eliminating government programs that do not exist does not save money.
Of the few specific cuts that Congressional Republicans have proposed in their promised assault on annual budget deficits, one of the biggest by far would save $25 billion over 10 years, they claim, by ending an emergency welfare fund.
The Republican Study Committee, which includes more than 100 of the most conservative House Republicans, promoted the idea in a statement this week, saying, “With the national debt quickly approaching $14 trillion, Washington needs to get serious about cutting spending.”
Well, seriously, the fund expired Sept. 30.

If only she hadn't informed them -- Obama could have bargained away this nonexistent program in budget negotiations. Come to think of it, they don't trust the Times, so maybe he can do it anyway.