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Obama's Failures Are More Disastrous Than You Think: More On "The GOP Takeover In The States"

wrote a while back about how state legislatures and governorships had fallen like rocks in a landslide. Of course, I know that Democrats don't like to acknowledge that Barack Obama has been an utter flop. Not only in policy but in his numbers. But numbers don't lie. The fact is that the Republicans won big, very big. And Republicans are, if anything, less responsible and more ideological in state politics than the Democrats.

They want to spend nothing. There will certainly be a fiscal attack on the public schools, perhaps even coordinated ones from state to state. We have certainly learned that the conservatives know how to organize. Liberals know how to whine.

In Saturday's Washington Post, Dan Balz does the numbers. Remember that it is the states that realign congressional districts according to the new census.

In the quotidian politics of the country Obama will be with us far longer than his first term.