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If It's Sunday, It's Harold Ford

Defying my campaign of mockery, "Meet the Press" had Harold Ford on again, or at least a life-like robot programmed to spout out conventional wisdom in response to every question. Among his nuggets of wisdom:

There may be some areas where we disagree with, but I hope the left in my party and the right in the Republican Party don't scream so loud that they scare the crowded middle.[...]
Speaker Gingrich is a friend. He has been not only a leader in his -- the Republican Party , he's been a leader in a lot of ways for calling for a new American way , a new American majority. I would hope that all of the smart minds in Republican and Democratic Party could come together and say, "Look, this is painful, but we're going to have to do this." [...]
There are smart, sensible people in both parties. As long as you don't allow the far left and the far right, again, to crowd out the, the, the predominant middle, we can get a lot of this done. If that means making tough choices on Social Security -- I'm 40, I'm willing to give mine up, and I think a lot of people my age who may reach a certain income level are willing to do the same. But political leaders have to show some courage and will to make it happen. [...]