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Barney Frank Points The Way For Dems

Republicans are currently joining with (self-serving) Chinese to attack the Federal Reserve's plan to reduce unemployment, and even insisting the Fed should stop caring about unemployment altogether. All this is taking place against a backdrop of mass unemployment and rising resentment of foreign countries, and especially strong  anti-Chinese xenophobia.

So Barney Frank's counterattack on the Republicans was kind of hiding in plain sight:

“The Republicans are joining the Central Bank of China in criticizing [Fed Chairman] Ben Bernanke ” Mr. Frank said Monday during an interview on Bloomberg Television. “This is really distressing to me.” ...
Mr. Frank said complaints about currency manipulation from Chinese central bankers “is like being called silly by the Three Stooges.”
“And then to have Republican leaders in Congress” agree with those complaints “is bizarre,” Mr. Frank said. “The Republicans are arguing that the Fed should not even be concerned about unemployment.”

I have to admit it didn't occur to me before, but this seems like the most obviously ripe political line of attack you can imagine.