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Egomaniacal Jerk Endorses Fellow Egomaniacal Jerk

Mike Leach is a football coach who was fired by Texas Tech because he punished a player for reporting a concussion by forcing him to stand in a dark equipment shed. Naturally, Donald Trump wants to get him another coaching job:

Donald Trump sent a letter to University of Miami president Donna Shalala this week, suggesting the Hurricanes hire the former Texas Tech coach to lead their football program.
Trump wrote the note on a copy of The Palm Beach Post's Sunday sports section, scrawling it over the newspaper's story announcing Randy Shannon's firing.
University officials confirmed the authenticity of the note Wednesday.
"You made a big mistake when you did not take my advice and hire Mike Leach of Texas Tech ... and you can now get him for the right price," Trump wrote to Shalala.

I'm not sure what explains this, other than some natural affinity that horrible people have for each other.