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Today! TNR Livestream With Noam Scheiber and Richard Just

In the newest issue of TNR, on newsstands this week, senior editor Noam Scheiber has an article that takes readers inside Obama's shaken and divided White House, asking whether its "failings could unravel Obama's re-election chances":

Team Obama may also be insufficiently attentive to the left, which has erupted over the tax-cut deal. The Friday after the midterms, a senior administration official convened a meeting with representatives of several dozen prominent progressive organizations. When the meeting began at 9 a.m., the official announced the discussion would have to be quick as the White House needed the room by ten o’clock. “The White House is having a meeting with all its important allies, and the initial message is, ‘We couldn’t get a room for more than an hour,’ ” says one participant. “You’ve got to be shitting me.”

Today at 3 p.m. EST, join Scheiber and TNR executive editor Richard Just here for a livestream discussion of the article, the White House in turmoil, and Obama's prospects in 2012.