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Lieberman To Dems: You Know I Always Loved You Best, Baby

The last poll in Connecticut showed Joe Lieberman a dead man walking. His approval rating was 31%, lower than that of Chris Dodd, who was so unpopular he had to retire rather than face certain defeat. Democratic approval was an astonishingly poor 20-69. But now, fresh off his successful effort to repeal DADT, Joe Lieberman thinks he's back, baby, and he wants to run as a Democrat, reports Brian Beutler:

"Some of my colleagues in the Democratic caucus have been very gracious and kind saying they hope I run as a Democrat," he told TPM in an interview Wednesday. "Patty [Murray] and I said we'd talk sometime early in the New Year."
Don't expect any imminent announcements. Lieberman says for now he's just flattered that "people are raising the question."

I'm sure the gays in the military episode helped some, but come on man -- you were sitting at -49 approval among Democrats! You campaigned tirelessly against Barack Obama in 2012. You vouched for Sarah Palin. You opposed the public option and then killed the Medicare buy-in! Patty Murray can say whatever she wants, you're not making it through a Democratic primary.

I don't mean to pick on Lieberman personally when I say that there's no desperation quite like the desperation of the incumbent Senator. These people will do anything to keep their seat, however great the humiliation and however low the odds of success. The prospect of Lieberman going back to Democrats in 2012 reminds me of the desperate Sheldon Levine in Glengarry Glen Ross:

Voter: So you're here to run for Senate?

Lieberman: Ye-Noooo, I wouldn't try to run for Senate, I leave that to the politicians.