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The Most Attention Money Can Buy

Politico reported the other day that Wall Street is upset at the Obama administration. It seems to me as if the hurt feelings of this tiny (albeit very rich) segment of society has received enormous attention in the media. After all, there are a lot of groups in this country at least as numerous as CEOs and with no less cause for grievance, and yet we hear about their wounded egos far less often.

I asked intrepid Reporter-Researcher James Downie to tabulate how many times Politico alone has run some version of the "business upset at Obama" story.

Then answer turns out to be, a lot of times:

  1. “Class warfare returns to DC,” by Jeanne Cummings, 2/26/09
  2. “Bankers to Obama: stop trashing us,” by Victoria McGrane, 2/27/09
  3. “Inside Obama’s bank CEO meeting,” by Eamon Javers, 4/3/09
  4. “Regulation War: business in crosshairs,” by Jeanne Cummings, 5/26/09
  5. “Has anything changed on Wall Street?” by Eamon Javers, 9/13/09
  6. “President Obama: recovery continues,” by Eamon Javers, 9/14/09
  7. “Chamber of Commerce hits President Obama on financial reform,” by Victoria McGrane, 10/13/09
  8. “Donohue: I’m trying to be very positive,” by Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen, 10/26/09
  9. “Execs disinclined to fall into line,” by Eamon Javers, 12/16/09
  10. “Chamber chief attacks Obama agenda,” by Lisa Lerer, 1/12/10
  11. “The Wall Street-Washington divide,” by David Rogers, 4/29/10
  12. “Valerie Jarrett: Business is really not a partisan issue,” by John F. Harris and Eamon Javers
  13. “Derivatives sour Wall Street on Obama,” by Ben White, 5/22/10
  14. “Wall Street plans payback for reg reform,” by Ben White, 7/6/10
  15. “White House seeks to flip anti-business rep,” by Ben White, 7/8/10
  16. “Few from Wall Street attend bill signing,” by Ben White, 7/21/10
  17. “Obama’s words sting CEOs” by Ben White, 7/22/10
  18. “New business plan: crushing Dems,” by Jeanne Cummings and Chris Frates, 7/28/10
  19. “Wall Street donations drop for Dems,” by Erika Lowely, 9/8/10
  20. “Foreign firms: quit bashing us,” by Jeanne Cummings, 9/28/10
  21. “White House hopes for business help,” by Mike Allen, 9/29/10
  22. “Chamber: Dem regulations onerous,” by Chris Frates, 10/6/10
  23. “Wall St. cash flow imperils Democrats,” by Chris Frates and John Maggs, 10/12/10
  24. “Business: Barack Obama’s Outreach Not Enough,” by Ben White and Jeanne Cummings, 11/26/10
  25. “Obama and business: December thaw?” by John Maggs, 12/9/10
  26. “Republicans beat President Obama to the boardroom,” – by John Maggs, 12/11/10
  27. “Obama to CEOs: Let’s talk,” by Abby Phillips and John Maggs
  28. “Obama and Wall Street: Still Venus and Mars,” by Ben White, 12/28/10