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TNR's Best Sudan Coverage

This weekend, citizens of southern Sudan will decide, in a referendum, whether or not they want to secede and form a new nation. This historic vote comes after decades of war, genocide, and repression, and the southern Sudanese are expected to choose independence by an overwhelming margin. In recent years, TNR has devoted considerable space to covering Sudan—and advocating for its people. When genocide was claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands in 2004, we demanded that the U.S. and the world “do something.” When they did not, and when they repeatedly kowtowed to the regime in Khartoum, we again demanded action and accountability. Here, we have compiled some of our best Sudan writing from the last two decades:

War Without End,” Bill Berkeley, 1989

 “Uncivil,” Michael Rubin, 2001

Out of Beijing,” Stephanie Giry, 2004

Do Something,” The Editors, 2004

Again,” The Editors, 2006

 “A Very Long Engagement,” Marisa Katz, 2006

Killing Fields,” The Editors, 2007

 “The Truth Will Not Set You Free,” Richard Just, 2008