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Eric Cantor Again Commits Near-Honesty

Brian Beutler flags this interesting quote from Eric Cantor about the decrepit state of the transportation infrastructure. Watch him wander into the realm of reality and then quickly scamper out:

I don't think anybody would tell you that our nation's transportation infrastructure is in a state of existence that we would accept," Cantor admitted.
We've got the aviation industry that, you know, anybody trying to fly in and out of the tri-state airports up there in New York? No. When that area gets clogged up, the whole nation, practically, is delayed. Something needs to be done in that arena trying to bring us into the new digital age here, in terms of those issues. But you look at the bridges in disrepair. The highways -- certainly, for sure, we've got to be able to address those. There are things that are occurring at the state level, some innovative ways to approach the need for financing. But at the end of the day we've got to look to see where the tax revenues are being spent, what they're being spent on, are the priorities what the American people expect. But this is the kind of analysis that's got to be undertaken. And it's going to take work. It's not some easy answer: just spend more. I mean, again, this is what the American people are tired of, this response, we just need to spend because there's no other answer. That's not good enough, because the money's not there, we don't have the money.

We don't have the money? Then why are you supporting more tax cuts?