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Dick Morris's Latest Racket

The greasy little  charlatan is now trying to whip his marks into a frenzy over Rahm Emanuel:

Dear Friend,
Have we learned our lesson? Do we now know to nip aspiring, radical, charismatic Chicago politicians in the bud? We missed our chance once. Now a second chance is coming around again.
Rahm Emanuel – the most ruthless, aggressive, ambitious, radical, take-no-prisoners politician in America – is running for Mayor of Chicago. The bottom rung of his ladder. From there, it’s the Senate and then the White House. This time as the boss.
Let’s knock him off the bottom rung before he rises further. Stop him before his political career metastases.

If we don't stop Rahm now, he'll become president! So send money to Dick Morris today.

(If you haven't read Brad Plumer's great explication of how the Morris con works, you should so so right away.)