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TNR's Egypt Coverage

For almost two weeks, the world’s eyes, ears, and hearts have been focused on Egypt, where protestors have amassed to demand an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorial regime. TNR has been covering the events closely, gathering some of the best commentary and on-the-ground reporting on this history-making event. Here, we have compiled our Egypt coverage, though look for more in the days and weeks ahead:

The Lessons of Cairo” by The Editors

"After Mubarak" by The Editors

Flowers in the Desert” by James Goldgeier

Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire” by Henry Sokolski

Is It 1989 All Over Again?” by Mary Elise Sarotte

Time for a Reset” by Jeffrey Herf

“‘With Our Eyes Wide Open'” by Leon Wieseltier

The President in Occultation” by Leon Wieseltier

American Liberals and the Streets of Cairo” by Leon Wieseltier

The Failure of U.S. Aid in Egypt” by David Rieff

"The Reality of Revolution" by David Rieff

Egypt and Indonesia” by Thomas Carothers

Déjà Vu in Cairo: Lessons from 2005” by Eli Lake

A Completely Unpredictable Revolution” by Josef Joffe

The Answer to Egypt’s Problems? An Obscure Plan From the 1980s” by Khairi Abaza and Jonathan Schanzer

A Note of Warning and Encouragement for Egyptians: From an Iranian Writer Who Lived Through the 1979 Revolution” by Abbas Milani

Five Things to Understand About the Egyptian Riots” by Heather Hurlburt

Cairo's Amazing Child Vigilantes” by Eric Trager

Cairo Dispatch: How Public Opinion Turned Decisively Against the Egyptian Dictator” by Eric Trager

Cairo Dispatch: Black Friday” by Eric Trager

Up Close and Personal” by Sarah Topol

Cairo Dispatch: Material World” by Sarah Topol

Cairo Dispatch: Fear Descends on Cairo” by Sarah Topol

Cairo Dispatch: Upside Down” by Sarah Topol

Cairo Dispatch: Understanding Egypt’s Protests” by Sarah Topol

Cairo Dispatch: The Anti-Mubarak Love Train” by Sarah Topol

"Cairo Dispatch: Can't Touch This" by Sarah Topol

Fox’s Egypt Problem” by James Downie

Slideshow: Protest Signs in Egypt

Slideshow: Farewell Friday