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Capping Off Fred Upton Day

In an effort to make this blog the go-to place for coverage of Rep. Fred Upton -- and reader surveys* suggest this is what the internet audience wants more than even naked photos of attractive actresses -- I am linking Upton's latest handing over of what remains of his soul:

This morning, Upton was pressed by National Journal‘s Ron Brownstein as to why the Upton-Inhofe bill describes climate change as “possible.” After repeated attempts to avoid the question, Upton finally explained his wide-straddling stance: he accepts that the planet is warming, but not that the billions of tons of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity are a cause:
I have said many times, and there was a report a couple of weeks ago that in fact you look at this last year, it was the warmest year in the last decade, I think was the numbers that came out. I don’t — I accept that. I do not say that it is man-made.

Further Upton updates as events warrant.

*entirely fictional