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News Of The Beard

Since Andrew Sullivan is on sick leave, I'm going to take advantage by trying to lure away the beard-focused portion of his audience by posting stories like this:

He claims his beard was cut off and stuffed in his mouth and that he was ordered to eat it last May. And that's only the beginning of what one Lawrenceburg man says he and his brother endured, all because of a fight over a lawn mower.

The truly great part of the story is the reader comments. A sampling:

You know it is pretty sad that the so called Victims the Westmoreland brothers have the nerve to tell only part of the actual story forgetting to say anything at all about the physical threats they had made to Troy Holt. Harvey and Joey were the ones that came onto Holts property threatining to kill him(Holt). I personally know Troy, and needless to say I know him extremely well and yes parts of what was claimed was true but there is a lot of facts that have been left out of course by the Westmoreland brothers, due to the fact that they had been harrasing and threating Mr Holt. All 4 of the men were intoxicated not just Holt and Hill! There is going to be a huge surprise come out on the plea of one if not both, Holt and Hill.


lotta things left out of story i know troy if he was drunk and he doe not drink that much troy weight is about 175 this fellow loks to me about 300 lbs looks like he could have protected himself what it might have been westmoreland drunk going on personal property threating troy but lets see the court system in anderson co at work its a monkey court ive always heard


It is really suprising to me that Harvey had the courage to lie like he has about the whole situation! Harvey has failed to mention that before any of this ruckus started that he had screamed profanity and vulgar things to a 14 year old Minor which at the time was 13. How can a so called grown man make the comments that he was scared for his and his brothers life when they are the ones that approached Holt and Hill on Holts property making threats that they were going to kill him and I will be the first to tell you that I have known Holt for over 5 years and that man has no mean streak like that in him, at the time of this incident the Westmoreland brothers where intoxicated and approached Holt and Hill on private property raising h*ll, Im sorry to bust the bubble but there is such a thing as trespassing and self defense so you know since the westmoreland brothers decided to take upon themselves to approach them drunk and threating so be it, they ask for what they recieved! And let the truth be known it had NOTHING to do with a lawn mower! Harvey had made one to many smart remarks, perverted need I mind you to one of the Defendents minor children about oral sex if that helps fill you in, and also both of the brothers were sleeping with Holts at that time girlfriend! What man is going to allow another come on to his property and threatin their life and then sleep with his so called girlfriend at the mans house in his barn, telling everyone that they going to kill Holt, and making discussting sexual comments to a 13 year old minor! The Westmoreland brothers are people that need to be psyciatriclly evaluated!

Sadly, the incident appears to have taken place near, but not technically within the borders of, Ohio.