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Reductio Ad Barbourum

Here's Haley Barbour explaining that he's not going to denounce a plan by some fellow Mississippians to issue a state license plate honoring KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest:

Mississippi NAACP president Derrick Johnson said it's "absurd" to honor a "racially divisive figure" such as Forrest. Johnson has also called on Barbour to denounce the license plate idea.
Asked about the NAACP's stance Tuesday, Barbour replied: "I don't go around denouncing people. That's not going to happen. I don't even denounce the news media."

I love that formulation -- I don't even denounce the news media. You'd think your ultimate proof of a policy of non-denunciation would be, you know, the Klan. As in: I won't even denounce the KKK, so why should I denounce the media? But for Barbour it's the other way around.