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Brief Site Update

1. Blogging has been, and will continue to be, a little slow the last couple days. Yesterday I was visiting my in-laws out-of-state, where we took the kids to see "Annie." It turns out to be a play about the need for Keynesian fiscal stimulus. I may or may not write a post analyzing the play's macroeconomic assumptions. Today, the Washington D.C. schools are opening two hours late due to the quarter-inch of snow that fell a mere 12 hours before schools open, so I'll be watching the kids a bit longer than normal.

2. Because I was away, the blog has been headlined for most of the last day by Larry Grafstein's rabid Canadian nationalism. Fortunately, being Canadian, it isn't very rabid. The bl.og is now back under American management. I'd note that one element of Larry's argument against the boringness of Canada is the rise of Alanis Morisette, to which the proper reply is:

3. You may notice that the front page has a new blog design that includes a small door. I am open to suggestions as to what this means.