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Sexy Time In New Jersey

Matt Miller writes:

The "truth-teller" du jour (who unveiled a tough New Jersey budget Tuesday that sensibly asks public workers to pick up more of their health and pension costs) did not have the guts to speak this particular truth. Christie merely said that Social Security's retirement age would have to be raised and Medicare would need to be tweaked lest it bankrupt us - things that less sexy pols, such as Democrats Dick Durbin and Mark Warner, have noted without anyone fainting in admiration.

I agree with Miller's broader point. I do, however, question Miller's notion of relative sexiness. Let us examine the evidence. Here's Durbin:

Verdict: "Sexy" is not the adjective that comes to mind, but I've seen worse.

Here's Warner:

Verdict: By senatorial standards, that is a sexy man.

Finally, Christie:

Verdict: If that's sexy, then Bobby Bacala needs to get into the adult film business.

In conclusion, whatever X factor is causing Christie's fiscal bona fides to be inflated, it is not his sexiness.