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Total Recall In Wisconsin

Most of the news stories about the Cheddar Revolution assume that the standoff will end when Senate Democrats return to the state and either compromise or save in totally. I don't think that's correct. I think Scott Walker is absolutely immune to compromise, and the conservative mindset is one that believes any fall in the polls he currently experiences will simply be all the more glory down the road as he basks in his Reaganesque determination.

That means Democrats can either totally cave -- which would represent a huge breach of faith with the activists who have mobilized behind them -- or wait out the recall process and try to flip three Senate seats. The recall process, reports TPM, is moving:

PCCC and DFA aren't the only ones talking recall. The state Democratic party recently geared up their own recall effort.
"They are the ground forces," PCCC co-founder Adam Green told TPM. "Our ads provide air cover."
The next steps for the PCCC/DFA effort include "a large six digit buy" expanding the TV ad through the next week. The ad has been running in Milwaukee and Madison. Now it will expand media markets in Green Bay and La Crosse, which the sponsors say means it will cover the districts of three Republican state Senators who can currently be recalled under Wisconsin law: Sens. Randy Hopper, Alberta Darling and Dan Kapanke.
PCCC and DFA said the buy will expand further in the coming days.
A total of eight of the state Senate's 19 Republican Senators can be recalled this year. The three Senators set to be targeted by the PCCC ad won their last election with slim margins. President Obama won all three districts in 2008.
"Thanks to people-powered fundraising at, these Republican senators won't know what hit them," Green told TPM in an email, referring to the online fundraising campaign that's paid for the Wisconsin ad.

Want to know how this ends? Wait and see if the recall works.