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Mitt Romney As Child Goober

Michael Kinsley recalls a car ride with a young Mitt Romney:

Romney and I attended the same private high school in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., though he was several years ahead of me. I remember only one encounter: We shared a car to a gubernatorial debate during his father’s reelection campaign for governor. The younger Romney argued vigorously the whole way that people were talking more about why the Michigan economy was good than why the Michigan economy was bad and that this proved that the elder Romney had been a success as governor. In a speech over the past weekend, as reported in the Times, Romney said “the president and his people spend more time talking about me and Massachusetts health care than ‘Entertainment Tonight’ spends talking about Charlie Sheen.”

George Romney, a classic Rockefeller Republican, was a success as a governor! Romney's justification sounds a little weaker, but I'm not ready to score the debate a win for Kinsley until I hear Romney's account.