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It's Possible Wisconsin Republicans May Have Slightly Overreached, Cont'd

Continuing our series on Wall Street Journal opinion writers couching the public's overwhelming opposition to Scott Walker's policy on collective bargaining in euphemism, William McGurn writes today:

Certainly the Badger Revolution has provoked protests on a level few anticipated. It's true too that many Americans are not yet sold on the need to roll back collective bargaining, even for public employees.

Many Americans are not yet sold. They will be soon! What a hilariously delicate way to express the fact that the public by a 2-to-1 margin, including a plurality of Republicans, supports collective bargaining for public employees.

Even more hilariously, this passage is a caveat, which McGurns jumps off to make his point about all the things Wisconsin protesters have done to alienate regular mainstream Americans. You can see how McGurn honed his skills as a Bush administration speechwriter.