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Updates and curiosities from around the web.

As first mentioned last week, plans for a major coal exporting terminal on the Columbia River are getting reconsidered. Environmentalists had opposed the Longview, Wash. development that would export millions of tons of Powder River Basin coal to China.

If you want to get hyperlocal, why not partner with America’s most prolific snowstorm tweeting mayor, Newark’s Cory Booker? However, the move by, AOL’s local news site network now run by Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, has got media beat reporters in an ethical tizzy.

Having spent a lot of time in airports over the past month (Seatac, Washington National, and Charles de Gaulle, a.k.a. hell, or enfer, I guess), I found this sociological examination of Heathrow by Alain de Botton fascinating and fun (thanks, infrastructurist).