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Dick Morris Is Not Actually Providing Advice

Per Ben Smith, Dick Morris is furious that the New York Times is listing his book in the "How To" section:

The New York Times is politicizing its powerful best-sellers rankings to keep conservative authors who contribute to Fox News off of the most influential part of the list, according to political strategist and Newsmax columnist Dick Morris.

Morris is among several Fox News analysts with new political books hitting shelves this past week. But while the Wall Street Journal and list such books among best-selling nonfiction works, the Times has relegated them to its lesser-known “Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous” List.

On the Times list set to be published Sunday, readers will find Morris’ “Revolt: How to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs,”
Mike Huckabee’s “Simple Government,” and Dr. Frank Luntz’s business book “Win” alongside titles such as “The 4 Hour Body” and “Weight Watchers New Cookbook.”

If he didn't want his book listed in the "How To" section, maybe he should have given it a title not based on the construction "How to..."