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Egyptian Cobra Located

Repeat: located. You can put down your whacking sticks, reports the New York Times:

The Egyptian cobra at the Bronx Zoo who had been missing for seven days has been located, officials said on Thursday.
The cobra is “alive and well,” James J. Breheny, the zoo’s director, told dozens of reporters who had gathered for a 4 p.m. news conference at the zoo. The adolescent snake was found inside a nonpublic area of the zoo’s Reptile House, and was in “really good condition,” without any “obvious bulges.” 

It's not the cobra's health we were worried about, you know.

I also love this detail from the Times story:

Since her escape, the Egyptian cobra had inspired feverish news coverage and a wildly popular fake Twitter feed.

They have to point out that the snake did not actually author that Twitter feed?

By the way, speaking of Twitter, I might as well mention that I'm kind of doing it a little right now. I'm pretty lousy at it, but what the heck.