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Elephants Never Forget, Including Non-Events

Everybody has been talking about the potential negative ramifications of a budget shutdown. But what about the negative ramifications of an agreement, huh? That's what at least one republican wants to know, per Mike Allen:

EMAIL DU JOUR, from a Bush alumnus: “think it's interesting that everyone is talking about how clinton won 95 shutdown and republicans lost, as though it's the only budget battle in history. but nobody is talking about how 41 compromised (broke ‘read my lips’ pledge) to avoid shutdown in 1990 and lost reelection as a result.” 

That makes sense. Except for the fact that Democrats never threatened to shut down the government in 1990. Also, Bush consolidated the conservative vote in 1990, but lost because a terrible economy made independents defect.

Other than that, great analogy, Mr. Bush veteran. You stand firm on that shutdown.