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What is Mitt Romney's Base?

There can't be a more pro-Mitt Romney demographic within the Republican Party than "Mormons who worked for Mitt Romney in 2008." This, therefore, can't be good news:

The only Mormon in the South Carolina legislature is Alan Clemmons, a real estate lawyer from Myrtle Beach with a shiny bald head, natty suits, and a hyperactive Twitter feed.
Rep. Clemmons ardently supported Mitt Romney for president in 2008, raising money and rallying political support for the former Massachusetts governor. He is unlikely to do so again. Clemmons says he’s distressed by the distance Romney has kept from the state since departing abruptly for Michigan just before the 2008 primary. And he finds the insinuation from some in Romney’s circle that South Carolina has a religion problem particularly galling.
“He’s making it tough on his South Carolina supporters to get behind him when he doesn’t appear to be engaged in the South Carolina process,” Clemmons told POLITICO. “I just don’t buy the religious bigotry in South Carolina that seems to be part of that message.”

I think the Romney campaign is going to be like the last century of the Ottomann Empire. There won't be a big collapse, just his rivals just slowly taking him apart piece by piece.