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The Finest Collection Of Human Knowledge To Gather In New York Since Joey Buttafuoco Dined Alone

I can't fathom why this is not on a reality television show right now:

Sarah Palin sat down with Donald Trump in New York City on Tuesday night for just over a half hour at the former Alaska governor continued her roadtrip up the Eastern seaboard.
Palin's office reached out to meet with Trump, not the other way around, Michael Cohen, special counsel at the Trump organization told ABC News.
The two met in his 30,000-square-foot apartment in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and later ate dinner together.
At Palin's request they dined at Famous Famiglia Pizzeria near Times Square. "She wanted pizza," a source familiar with the dining decision said.

A source familiar with the dining decision? No respectable journalist would run with the pizza story until they had two sources familiar with the dining decision.