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Newt Breakthrough Update

I have a contest to guess Newt's breakthrough idea, but this from the Washington Post seems to be real:

One example: Gingrich became convinced that one of the keys to his winning in Iowa was in targeting the Chinese community living in the state. Apparently, he had been told by a Chinese man at a campaign event that as many as 10,000 Chinese Americans lives in the state, one source explained.

I am trying to imagine the newspaper headlines the morning after Gingrich has improbably won the Iowa caucus by mobilizing a wave of Chinese-Americans. I mean, even if you take this number at face value, and even if they could be mobilized to attend the Iowa caucus that notoriously caters to a small cadre of motivated partisans, why would they be voting for Newt? Why not, I don't know, Mandarin Chinese-speaking Jon Huntsman?