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Glenn Beck To Provide Bipartisan Voice Of Reason In Middle East

So now it turns out that not even Mike Huckabee or Michelle Bachmann are willing to attend Glenn Beck's Jerusalem rally. Who will attend? Herman Cain, still vigilant against the possibility that his own potential Muslim Cabinet appointee might try to kill him, and... Joe Lieberman:

None of the major 2012 GOP presidential candidates currently plan to attend an August rally in Israel being held by conservative firebrand and outgoing Fox news host Glenn Beck.
But Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.), a former Democratic vice presidential contender, signaled he might show up. And former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, a long shot in the 2012 nomination fight to face President Obama, said he would like to attend. Lieberman and Cain are the only two politicians listed on the event’s Facebook page.
“I’ve been approached by [Beck] to go,” Lieberman said in an interview Wednesday. “Actually, by clergy both Christian and Jewish, and I spoke to Glenn Beck. I’d love to participate. . . . He’s very committed to making it nonpartisan, non-ideological. It’s just going to be a rally to support Israel and the U.S.- Israel relationship.”

Obviously, it's completely insane to describe a Glenn Back rally as "non-ideological." But I think I understand Lieberman's thought process here. In his mind, he's a liberal Democrat who makes common cause with Republicans on foreign policy. If Lieberman is involved, the event is by definition non-partisan and non-ideological -- see, there are Democrats and Republicans! Taking this logic to its endpoint, there is literally no right-wing bound on a Lieberman foreign policy stance. Without realizing it, Lieberman is act as the reductio ad absurdum of his own worldview.