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Karl Rove Being The Best Karl Rove He Can Be

Every writer has his own natural métier. For Karl Rove, it's taunting:

Begala’s piece was amusing because he said he’s invoking my name to raise money from rich (and terrified) Democrats to help President Obama. “Even the most disenchanted Democrat gets motivated to fight back” when told Karl Rove is active on the other side, Begala crows. Problem is, the early results of his strategy aren’t so good.
Begala’s group, Priorities USA, says it will respond to our $20 million blitz with (wait for it)… $750,000 in ads. As of Friday, the group had placed less than $490,000 in five states. On some level, I guess I should be flattered that Begala thinks I’m a big help to his efforts for Mr. Obama, but aren’t the results sort of pathetic?

He is a sublime practitioner of the form.