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Woman Punches Bear In Face

So the Palin thing didn't completely work out, but I expect the Republican presidential candidate to give this Alaska woman a call:

A 22-year-old Alaska woman said on Wednesday she punched a black bear in the face to save her small dog from being carried off and possibly eaten.
Juneau resident Brooke Collins said she hit the bear Sunday night to save the life of her dachshund, Fudge. She said she discovered the bear crouched down, clutching Fudge in its paws and biting the back of the dog's neck.
"It had her kind of like when they eat salmon," Collins said Wednesday. "I was freaking out. I was screaming at it. My dog was screaming. I ran up to it ... I just punched it right in the snout and it let go."

It's like Palin but better -- she not only takes on animals, but does it empty-handed. And she has even less political experience.