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Marcus To The Rescue

Not so long ago, it looked like Marcus Bachmann might be a liability for his wife's campaign, what with all the talk of his clinic's unusual therapeutic approach. But with its post-Ames buzz vanished, the Bachmann campaign has now apparently decided that Marcus is an asset to be deployed, based on this missive that just arrived in my in-box:

Dear Fellow Conservative,
Michele is the real deal.
Not only does she continue to inspire me every day with her strength, but she is the same woman of character as when I first met her 35 years ago. Michele is not your typical politician. She is not about climbing the political ladder for her personal benefit, or a popularity contest- Michele is a leader because she knows and believes Americans deserve better.
I am 100% behind my wife running for President of the United States, and know that from the moment she is elected President she will begin to turn this nation and economy around.
Michele is a rock solid, principled fiscal conservative and has a moral set of beliefs. Michele is a principled decision maker, and makes her decisions based on what is truly best for America. She has not and will not be influenced by lobbyists, special interest groups, or the Washington bubble of elitists.
My wife continues to amaze me each day as she stands up to her critics to defend our values. But I know she cannot stand alone. She needs to know you stand with her. Please follow this link to generously give any amount you can afford up to the legal limit to show Michele you support her.

Marcus goes on in this vein for a while, managing to make not one but two references to Michele's prodigious motherhood. What I found most interesting, though, was the not-so-veiled attempt to throw elbows at both of the tall dudes who have, literally, assumed center stage in the primary field. "She is not about climbing the political ladder for her personal benefit." Hmm, and whoever might she think is about that? As for that other guy with less than "rock solid" beliefs whom the establishment is more comfortable with, well, he's just the favorite of the "Washington bubble of elitists."

What also comes through in the note is that this campaign is running seriously low on funds -- the note includes not one but three explicit pleas and links for cash. As the inimitable Ed Rollins put it this week in "promoting" his candidate in an interview with the New York Times, "When you raise small-donor money, you go on Fox and say something more or less outrageous and that’s what people contribute to. You throw a hand grenade, and people respond.” But, he added, to attract the necessary big donors, “you’ve got to be a serious candidate with serious solutions. That’s a challenge.”

Thanks, Ed. With help like that from her adviser, no wonder Bachmann is turning instead to Marcus, who promises in today's e-mail to be more stalwart in support of his wife:

I promise you as first gentleman my role will be to honor America with dignity, class, and grace. I will never apologize for America, a country blessed and led by our Almighty God. This is our time, this is our season to turn this incredible country around, and to get our fiscal house in order.
With appreciation for every dollar you send our way, and with humble admiration for the next President of the United States, the love of my life.
Marcus Bachmann