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Armageddon for Romney?

If Jerry Bruckheimer made a political advertisement, I imagine it'd look like this:

For a while now, skeptics of the Romney candidacy have said his sponsorship of the Massachusetts health care reform law would be his undoing. I guess we're about to find out if they are right.

Note that this ad is particularly devastating because it's about character, too. Not only is Romney unfaithful to conservatism, the ad implies. He's also untrustworthy.

By the way, the advertisement is mostly correct -- except for the numbers and possibly some of those Romney interview quotes, which may be out of context. The coverage expansion in Obamacare is virtually identical in structure to the coverage expansion in Romney care. I happen to think it's the best thing Romney did as governor.

P.S. Nice to see Nation contributor editor Chris Hayes making a cameo. Be sure to check out "Up With Chris Hayes," his new show on MSNBC, if you haven't already.