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Daily Deadline: Exposing Scott Brown

Yes, we've decided to add a daily aggregation feature to this blog. Why? Because we hope you'll read it. Also, I'm a very slow blogger. On most days I have about ten items I'd like to write -- and I get to one or two of them, at best.

For now, we're calling it "Daily Deadline," because we'll post it in the late afternoon. I'm still a newspaper reporter at heart and I'll always associate this time of day with deadlines. But if you have a better suggestion, just let me know.

Graph of the Day: Above, from Ezra Klein's terrific piece on whether better policy decisions in 2009 (and 2010) could have produced a better economy in 2011. Make sure to read the comments/rejoinders from Paul Krugman and David Dayen. I hope to have something profound to add in the next day or so, although first I'll have to think of something profound to say.

Number of the Day: Six million, as in the number of Americans behind on their mortgages or in foreclosure. ProPublica today provides a great primer on the administration’s failure to address this problem.

Location, Location, Location: It's everything, even in politics. Just ask Rick Perry. For the scoop and the story, read Ben Smith.

Scott Brown, Exposed: “Brown has shown a propensity to play the victim whenever he is challenged, while his allies have taken virtually every opportunity to demean Warren and cast her as an elitist since even before she entered the race. … Warren, meanwhile, has a life story that is more blue-collar than Brown or the GOP have been willing to admit.” That’s via Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe. For more context, read David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix.

Repeal and Replace! Er, how about Oppose and Implement? Sarah Kliff gives an overview of how states are handling the Affordable Care Act – and the story is more complicated than you might think.

Coming Attractions: Ever heard of the CLASS Act? Peter Suderman has and thinks it’s a real problem. He’s got a point, although there’s also larger story to tell. Yes, I hope to tell it soon. For now, read what Suderman has to say. IMHO, he is consistently one of the smartest health care writers on the right.

Does God Hate the Detroit Tigers? No. But the weatherman does.

Reader Comment of the Day: From “K2K,” referring to Perry’s attack ad on Mitt Romney, which I’d likened to a Jerry Bruckheimer movie: “I thought this one was more Ridley Scott with David Mamet as advisor than Jerry Bruckheimer. Still undecided if the soundtrack is too distracting.”

Video Dedication of the Day: "Prelude/Angry Young Man." This one goes out to Joe the Plumber, who's decided to run for office in Ohio. Yeah, he's not exactly young. But you didn't think I'd start a recurring music video feature with somebody other than Billy Joel, did you?

- 30 -