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Bill McKibben For President?

Did you know that Ralph Nader is trying to draft Bill McKibben to run for president as a third-party candidate? Me neither, until I watched this Politico  video. I subsequently learned (by reading Eleanor Clift in the Daily Beast) that Nader's been pushing the idea since August. There's even a sad little Draft-McKibben Facebook page (only four "likes" at this writing).

Nader is also trying to draft various other people into running, including Mike Bloomberg, which as the former occupant of this space points out doesn't make a whole lot of ideological sense. Apparently Nader is tired of running himself.

My own position on a McKibben run: Nice guy. But I don't want him to be president. Nor Bloomberg, nor any other third-party candidate. I'm sticking with the incumbent. But if the Tea Partiers want to split from the GOP and run a third-party candidate of their own, I'm not going to tell them not to. Herman Cain, I'm pretty sure, will be available.

Update: Bill McKibben writes in: "I've got no desire to be president, but I do want to influence the one we've got. That's why we're planning to encircle the White House with people on Nov. 6, to remind the president that he alone can block the Tar Sands Pipeline."