Leave it to others to decide whether the latest revelation -- or charge, I guess, since it comes from someone associated with the one campaign that would most like Herman Cain gone -- spells the demise of Cain's candidacy, if one can even call Cain's joy-ride that. But let me just say that it strikes me as somehow profoundly right and depressing that the grand offense is alleged to have occurred...in Crystal City. Man, there's nothing that conjures up a Beltway geography of nowhere like a trade association lunch gone awry in that concrete satellite across the river. Let's take bets: was it at McCormick and Schmick's? Morton's? Ruth's Chris? Whichever, I'm sure it was on the association's dime, the banquettes were dark-green or brown leather, and there were a couple peppermints scattered on the credit-card tray. As romantic as it gets.