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Rick Perry's Silver Lining

My first thought when Rick Perry couldn't name the third government agency he'd eliminate was that he was having a transient ischemic attack. My second thought was, "Oh, he's just having a senior moment. I've been having those since I was 15." My third thought was that his forgetting the name of the third federal agency he wants to eliminate does make you wonder whether he actually wants to eliminate it or whether this is something a campaign consultant told him to say. My fourth thought was that of the three on the list, the Energy department is the one that might really warrant elimination.

My fifth and final thought was that Perry is awfully lucky that You Tube doesn't have any clips of Kevin Kline, as the maniacal pinhead Otto in the hilarious 1988 movie A Fish Called Wanda, saying (as he does several times in the movie) "What was the middle thing?"