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Say It Ain't So, Ezra

The ordinarily rigorous and sensible Ezra Klein is edging closer to joining the Washington Post's knicker-twisting caucus. Don't do it, Ezra! Klein writes that members of Congress are foolish not to fear sequestration because preventing it won't be as easy as they think. I guess he imagines something like that scene in Goldfinger where James Bond is handcuffed to a nuclear bomb inside Fort Knox and before he can even defuse the damn thing he has to electrocute Oddjob (the guy with the deadly Frisbee hat):

Why is it like James Bond at Fort Knox? Because, Klein argues, the Democrats and the Republicans will have very different ideas about how the sequestration trigger should be "reconfigured." But who said anything about reconfiguring? What they agree on will be that the trigger should be eliminated altogether. They'll have somewhat different reasons for thinking so--the Democrats will be more concerned about non-defense cuts--but politics is all about drawing Venn diagrams. Both parties will have a shared interest in detonating the bomb. So they'll detonate it. Then they'll go back to arguing about how to cut the deficit.

Correction: Originally I said "detonate" when I meant "defuse." There's nothing suicidal about Mr. James Bond.