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Correspondence: Frank Reply

To the editors:

In "Frank Incensed," (March 6) Weston Kosova wrote that I survived the accusation that Steven Gobie was running a gay prostitution ring in the basement below where I lived.

Gobie neither claimed that he was running a gay prostitution ring nor that it was in the same building while I was living there. He charged that he used my apartment when I was not there for heterosexual prostitution. He claimed that he was in charge of several female prostitutes and that I acquiesced in his using my apartment when I was out of town. My response was that I never knew of any such activity, and that I disbelieved that Gobie had engaged in such activity. After investigating, the House Ethics Committee essentially agreed. What I survived was not the fact of prostitution being conducted in my apartment, but an accusation which was essentially disproven that such activity was going on.

Barney Frank
Member, House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.

This letter originally appeared in the April 10, 1995, issue of the magazine.