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Silliest Sentence of the Year

[Guest post by Isaac Chotiner]

This comes courtesy of Jordan Michael Smith in Salon, from a piece about America and Pakistan titled 'America: The Ally From Hell.' According to Smith, American arrogance explains why Pakistan has been such a poor ally; what do you expect after demanding that another country follow your interests rather than its own? Quickly brushing aside the question of whether "staying strong in a mortal struggle with India" and accommodating the Taliban are actually in the interests of any Pakistanis other than the ruling military caste, Smith writes:

Now it should make more sense why members of the Pakistani military might not have informed Americans of Osama bin Laden’s presence: They did not want U.S. incursions on their territory.

I hope Smith is at least getting a financial reward for such pathetic shilling. Wouldn't there have been an easy solution if indeed Pakistani military officials knew where Bin Laden was hiding and did not want to face an American raid? Wouldn't, you know, arresting him have done the trick?