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What the Hell Happened?

So I might have just finished writing a book yesterday, but I wasn’t born yesterday. And yet my colleagues are trying to persuade me that a guy with the same name as the former House Speaker is the front-runner for the GOP nomination. Strikes me as wildly implausible—I mean, what are the chances? 

Anyway, I’ll get to the bottom of it and report back. I’m looking forward to pitching in again around here after ten months of book leave.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in what I’ve been up to, you can pre-order the book on Amazon: It’s called The Escape Artists, and it’s a narrative about the Obama administration’s struggle to fix the economy. I've got lots of new details in there, I think, some of which I’ll be dribbling out on this blog as we get closer to the publication date. 

Oh, and I’m also a multi-platform operation now. I plan to do a lot of tweeting as we head into the home stretch of the GOP primaries. Anyone who likes their political insights in 140 characters or fewer should feel free to follow me at @noamscheiber. Happy to mix it up with you there, too.

Okay, enough of the marketing spiel for the moment. Back to real content very shortly. 

P.S. I owe a huge thanks to my colleague Alec MacGillis for holding down the fort at The Stump while I was on leave. (Holding down the stump at the fort?) His stuff has been truly terrific these last few months.