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I Surrender To Twitter

Even though I believe it to be a thing of the devil, I have, after resisting for many years, surrendered and gotten myself a Twitter account. I make this sacrifice out of devotion to the New Republic; anxiety about what others might be saying about me behind my back; and the desire to sell as many copies of my forthcoming book about income inequality, The Great Divergence, as the market will bear in these times of economic hardship.

You will find me at @TimothyNoah1. Some impostor or squatter or lesser Timothy Noah already registered my name minus the "1," and @timnoah was seized long ago by a doppelgänger children's entertainer in Seattle called Tim Noah who's a well-established domain hog. I wrote about him 25 years ago in a New Republic "Washington Diarist" column, and a quarter-century later he's still flogging his CD and DVD, In Search of the Wow Wow Wiggle Wobble Wazzie Woodle WOO!, of which I have received more than a few copies as gag gifts over the years, so please don't send me any more. Feel free to send him my book instead.

See you in Tweetland, and may the Lord have mercy on my unworthy soul.