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It's Done, I Think

The House finally caved yesterday on extending the payroll tax cut, adding just a few technical tweaks that the Senate just approved by unanimous consent. Later today the House is expected to adopt the Senate bill. A question for another day is how all this legislating can happen when most of the senators (and quite a few House members, I'd guess) aren't there. Because I've got a few other bills I'd like to see pass while nobody's around (heh, heh). And if you can pass a bill when nobody is around, how come you can't pass a Senate bill with a simple majority (i.e., without having to surmount a Republican filibuster) when everybody is around? Parliamentary procedure, you are a cruel and unknowable mistress.

I'll be in transit today, so if the House freshmen decide again to revolt at the last minute I won't be any help at all.