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Quote of the Day, 'Huh?' Edition

[Guest post by Isaac Chotiner]

From Gavin Polone's anti-Oscars piece in New York magazine:

Can you really say that Borat didn’t deserve a [Best Picture] nomination but Letters From Iwo Jima did?

Er, yes. Yes you can.

Which reminds me: the Academy Awards is in danger of reaching a unique place in our culture--a place currently inhabited by the festivities surrounding Christmas. Very briefly, the Oscar telecast is annoying and silly. So is Christmas music, and so is phony holiday cheer. But much more annoying are the people who complain incessantly about these things. The Oscars has now gotten such a bad press, for so long, that the prospect of reading more anti-Oscars articles induces greater dread than the thought of watching the show's third musical number.