Van Morrison scat singing "Into the Mystic" is the worst song ever.

And I love it. My man sounds like he’s singing under water. He sounds like a baby trying to talk. I’m increasingly convinced this song was recorded while Van was having a dental exam. Part of me worries that he’s making fun of the hearing impaired. He sounds like he’s allergic to peanuts and just ate a bunch of peanuts. 
I really want to know what made him so angry at the 3:05 mark. At 6:20 he takes a guitar solo and can’t even scat sing to that, even though he’s the one playing the guitar. (He gives up pretty quickly.) The solo is very long—so long that I almost wish that he starts scat singing again. Then he starts scat singing again. He sounds like someone sampled Eddie Murphy’s laugh on a Casio keyboard and then played chopsticks. I have listened to this song 30 times today. Shout out to Van Morrison scat singing in The Last Waltz. (H/T Jesse)