If you ever need to remember that Steph Curry is human, watch him dunk.

Last night, the Golden State Warriors easily dispatched the Los Angeles Lakers, 116-98. It was, in many ways, a pretty familiar “Warriors vs. Team That Has No Chance” game—the Lakers hung around for a couple of quarters, then Golden State flipped a switch, going up by double-digits in what seemed like two minutes, and stayed in control for the rest of the game. 

Curry, too, seemed to have a familiar, almost quiet game, which is laughable when you realize that he had 26 points on 18 shots and that 16 of those shots were three-point attempts and that Curry hit eight of them. The Harlem Globetrotters came to watch Curry do his famous pregame double-handed dribble warm-up, which they then attempted—they couldn’t do it. We’re at a point now where Curry’s superhuman shooting and his insane handles are almost familiar. We expect eight three-pointers on 50 percent shooting. We expect Steph Curry to dribble through two defenders, lose control of the ball, and then hit an off balance three-pointer from deep in the corner. We expect Curry, the second-best defender on an elite defense, to snatch the ball from his opponent, take it down the corner, and launch a laser-precise, beautiful alley oop

So it’s nice to watch Steph Curry dunk, because he looks goofy as hell dunking and for that brief, goofy moment you remember he’s one of us.