Jeb Bush is bad at making and throwing snowballs.

Following in Iowa’s footsteps, New Hampshire is getting some snow today. (Perhaps we should take the fact that snowstorms have graced the first two contests of this election as some sort of cosmic sign?) 

Jeb tried to show off his playful side earlier today by throwing a snowball at a reporter but he made a very bad snowball that disintegrated as soon as he threw it:

Given that the Bush family has deep connections to New England—particularly Maine, where they have a compound—this is inexcusable form. And, while not all snow is right for snowballs, Gov. John Kasich showed ‘em how it’s done:

June 26, 2019

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Welcome to TNR’s coverage of the Democratic debates.

Yes, the debates are upon us, a mere 16 months before voters will cast their ballots to decide whether President Trump should get a second term. In that time, babies will be conceived and born, the earth will orbit the sun and then some, and Democrats will, with any luck, choose a champion from the two dozen candidates running for the nomination. It all begins tonight, with the first of two debates in Miami this week featuring the 20 candidates—ten each round—who qualified to participate by either polling at 1 percent in three surveys or receiving 65,000 individual donations.

The staff of The New Republic will be watching the proceedings, offering running commentary and post-debate analysis, and hopefully answering any questions readers might have. Who’s up, who’s down? Who, if anyone, seems qualified to stall America’s spiraling descent into a fiery wasteland overseen by Trumpian kleptocrats? And who is Eric Swalwell, anyway? Pop by TNR’s Minutes blog at 9 o’clock EST tonight and tomorrow night to find out!